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BRIDGING THE GAP: Brand Message & Consumer Trust

All the messages funneled into consumer homes, cars, and on the streets, it’s a full-time job for businesses to simply break through the clutter.

Do consumers believe claims made by businesses for their advertised products? 

Many businesses spend millions annually trying to answer this question through research, focus groups, and other methods. In reality, consumers are a bit fickle about where they place their trust when it comes to an advertiser’s brand message.

Age demographics and level of education do play a role. The older the consumer, the more likely they will be skeptical about trusting a business’s  brand message.

Conversely, the younger the consumer, the more likely they may accept a business claim in its product messages. Users are also split on whether they trust government regulators to ensure honesty in claims made by businesses in their advertising messages.

For consumers with higher education levels, there’s an (incorrect) inclination to trust government regulators versus an advertiser or the advertising industry to ensure claims are honest. 

Those consumers who have not obtained a NCAA education tend to trust the advertisers and/or advertising industry more than government regulators. Of course, there will always be a percentage that will be skeptical of advertising claims.

Ensure when you advertise your brand message that the claims are honest! At the end of the day, it’s an uphill battle to resell a consumer once they have discovered a claim to be untrue.

Think of children, they are trusting to a fault -  until they have a bad experience. With social media at everyone’s fingertips, you don’t need bad press from those who have embraced your product and are your brand ambassadors. 

“People remember the bad a lot longer than the good!”

With information traveling at the speed of light due to technology, it is a lot harder to change perceptions once formed.

Posted on September 29th, 2011
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